WATCH: What Sibling RIvalry Podcast #1 Meet The Siblings

#WSRPodcast"What Sibling Rivalry Podcast"

What Sibling Rivalry is a podcast hosted by siblings Kente and Shonda Scott. Join them as they discuss family, current affairs and take you back down memory lane. You get the Ying and Yang of brother and sister, male and female, and the connections that bring us all together. WSR is fun, funny and informative, and at the end of the day it’s all about LOVE!

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Shonda Scott

Shonda Scott is an Alameda County Women’s Hall of Fame Inductee, and 2017 Enterprising Women Magazine's Enterprising Woman of Year. In 2016, Shonda was awarded a Stevie Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year. In 2012 Shonda was an appointee of President Obama’s Platform Committee, and served on the inaugural committee of community advisors to the White House Council for Women and Girls. She is a former Commissioner and Chair of Alameda County Human Relations Commission. Shonda is a UCLA Alumni, and a lifetime member of CAL Alumni Association.

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Kenté Scott

Kenté Scott ​was born and raised in Oakland, California. Although his father wanted him to be a doctor, Kenté was destined for a different life path as he started to appear in commercials and stage plays while attending UCLA. Upon graduation, he decided to pursue a career in acting and stand-up comedy. Kenté started doing stand-up at the world famous Comedy Store in Hollywood. He has left crowds laughing all over the country, performing with such comic heavyweights as Katt Williams, Cedric The Entertainer, Melanie Camacho, Sherri Shepherd, Chris Spencer, and Rodney Perry. Kenté recently returned from co-headlining a tour of the U.S. Military bases in japan, bringing his humor to our troops.

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